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We are believers in Jesus Christ that create and share Bible study resources.

What Why and How?

Inductive study is a three step process. It uses questions to discover what the text is saying. Then interpreting the observations in context of setting in the book, the Bible as a whole, the timeframe and intended audience. The last step in inductive study applies the principles, promises, instructions, or warnings from the Bible, in practical ways.

Understanding the Bible is an important part of the Christian life. Inductivestudy.me provides structured inductive lessons to help people discover what the scriptures meant to the original audience, and what they mean to us today.

A Study series is made by dividing a book of the Bible into logical weekly lessons. Most of the series are single books of the Bible. Some series contain multiple books that relate to each other. We use these lessons to guide weekly personal study and then meet regularly to talk about what we discover.


Here are some resources to help you get more out of your study time.

Observing Narrative

History often uses a narrative style of writing. This handout helps dig out details from the narrative style, while helping you avoid common mistakes.

Observing Expostion

Exposition, or a teaching style of writing has it's own challenges. This handout helps leverage the context of the audience and author to find facts in expository writing.


The observations found in the first step are interpreted into valuable lessons by asking revealing questions. This handout contains suggestions to help you reveal the principals found in the Bible.


The application of God's words is the goal of studying the Bible. This step is key to unlocking your spiritual growth. Translating God's work into action is a skill of turning questions inward to find how the principals of the Bible can be moved into your life.


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